Experiencing Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (2)

Sanders: “But there are some good reasons for avoiding the category of experience when talking about these great Trinitarian themes” (pg. 184). Hier volgt de tweede reden (voor de eerste reden, klik hier).

“No doubt when we do come to see the Trinitarian depth underlying the gospel, we do go  on to have an experience. The progress in understanding brings about a fresh encounter with God and an experience with him. But the second reason to be cautious about calling it an experience is that the category of experience is such a sticky one. An experience is a kind of virtual reality, whether the thing that provoked it was real or not. An experience of something is itself something; but a different something than the original something. As a result, experiences can be sticky like flypaper, stopping us at a certain level and not letting us go on to the thing itself. Evangelicals, who have a genius for cultivating authentic experience, also have a knack for reducing things to the level of experience” (pg. 185).

2 gedachtes over “Experiencing Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (2)

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