Experiencing Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (3)

Sanders: “But there are some good reasons for avoiding the category of experience when talking about these great Trinitarian themes” (pg. 184). Hier volgt de derde reden (voor de eerste en tweede reden, klik hier en hier).

“Third, experience is too small a category for what we have described here. The Trinity simply cannot fit into the little experiences we are capable of having, with the biographical and psychological limits they impose. There is something incongruous about pointing to a moment in our lives and saying the eternal Trinity is there, as if God could be found within that moment analytically. Our little conversions, awakenings, and renewals simply cannot bear the burden of being the place where God is to be known in his majesty as Father, Son, and Spirit. When God makes himself known, he puts himself into the economy of salvation, not into our experience. The infinite God is present in the vast and comprehensive economy of salvation, to show himself and save us. With our little lives and their experiences, we fit into a subsection of that economy, and God’s glory comes through to us in ways that fit our limited capacities” (186).

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