God, de drie-enige…

‘k Heb net een indrukwekkend boek uit. Het heet: The deep things of God. How the Trinity changes everything”, geschreven door Fred Sanders. Ik ga hier nu geen boekbespreking geven, hoewel ik dat wel van plan ben. Want dit is een boek om grondig te verwerken. Hier eerst een citaat uit een aanbeveling van dit boek, waar ik me in herken:

“Sander’s work is lively, engaging and accessible. He brings the Trinity out of the cloistered walls of academia and into the living room, explaining in terms anyone can understand that we are immersed in the reality of the triune God. There is no better guide I know of to explore the deep things of God than this book, and it deserves a wide and serious hearing by pastors, theologians, and laymen alike.”

Hier een fragment uit het eerste hoofdstuk:

“The kind of trinitarianism that we need is not simply the acceptance of a doctrine. The doctrine of the Trinity is not, in the first instance, something to be constructed by argument from texts. At best, that method will lead to mental acknowledgement that “the trinitarian theory” best accounts for the evidence marshaled.

The first step on the way to the heart of the trinitarian mystery is to recognize that as Christians we find ourselves already deeply involved in the triune life, and need only to reflect rightly on that present reality. Most evangelical Christians don’t need to be talked into the trinitarian theory, they need to be shown that they are immersed in the trinitarian reality. We need to see and feel that we are surrounded by the Trinity, compassed about on all sides by the presence and the work of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. From that starting point, truly productive teaching can begin.” (pg. 33-34)

Vervolg 1, 2, 3

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