“Leg je toe op het voorlezen uit de Schrift…”

Vanuit deze oproep van Paulus aan Timoteüs (1 Tim. 4:13), denkt Scott Newling na over de plaats van de bijbel in onze kerkdiensten. Dit is het eerste artikel van een serie. Het belooft een boeiende serie te worden! Een fragment hieruit:

For the moment however, I want us to be honest with ourselves as people who claim to love the Bible as God’s word, knowing that we don’t live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. As we compare ourselves to our heritage, is it really possible for us to say that we are, in our churches, devoted to the public reading of Scripture? Would any Reformer, whom we cherish so dearly, even recognize what we do compared to them? But the only question that matters of course is this: does God think we are devoted to the public reading of Scripture?

Ook de reacties eronder bieden boeiende stof tot nadenken. Ik pluk er een fragment uit:

Many people seem to be big on ‘church as community’ at the moment, but I think this is a big mistake. If we’re going to use community language, the church is God’s community: God’s people gathered by God around God for God … and only subsequently for each other (which is actually the best way to love each other anyway).

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